Meaning: if you have it, you have it all


I can clearly recall a good friend writing to me few months back: “[…] you won’t have any communication with any normal person for 18 years, none of your dreams will come true […] but this child will bring meaning to your life.

I argued that having a child is just some very basic, very simple meaning. If you see that your child shat himself and cries – out of “meaning”, you’ll do something about it.

I thought someone as intellectually high-aiming as I am will not find much meaning in the basic level of the Maslow pyramid.
Man, was I wrong?!

What I forgot was that this type of simple meaning brought some of the best times of my lives: such as my solo bicycle trip at age 18: when finding accommodation, solving technical issues, eating, drinking and simply, surviving were some of the highlights…

It’s a bit past 7 am today and my 4 days old child lays on my belly as I type this article. Meaning there is. Not global, not very ambitious in a certain sense (although full of challenges now), not something special but meaning there is! Hello, meaning, my old friend I’ve come to talk with you again.

And meaning moves the world. Meaning makes you get up several times a night. Have you walk around, try your best, try again and not give up, stand the pain and failures. Meaning is the goal. It’s like the picture wired into your brain: this is my destination. It just doesn’t matter that you have to walk rather than taking a plane or that you hurt your feet and get lost without a map.

Meaning moves the world…

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