The future of tooth brushing and positive psychology

The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed. (William Gibson)

While reading The Rough Guide to Happiness from Nick Baylis I had this positive, warming thought that in a while human existence will shift from trying to be less unhappy to be more happy.

It’s a relatively new idea coming from 1998 from Martin Seligman, that time the president of American Psychological Association. According to Baylis the whole idea came so late because of WW2 and its consequences.

Washing teeth in the US wasn’t a daily practice but soldiers returning home from WW2 made it a habit that today most follow in the Western world.

Just as washing teeth was uncommon 2 generations ago but is a most usual thing today there are plenty of habits that make you a weirdo today but will soon become commonplaces and common practices.

I hope that more and more people will be born into a world where actively looking into improving their life quality and more and more will go further than “healthy and bored” or “healthy and meaningless life”.

One of the next generations will probably use a couple minutes daily for mental health: reflecting the day or emphasizing for ourselves things that go well in our lives – or something that we are grateful for.

There will be mobile apps widely used not only for monitoring our finances and nutrition intakes but for mental health, offline time (okay, that’s sounds paradoxic: an application that is best used when it’s not turned on), happiness (whatever the right definition is for you) and more.

While the whole world will never be an all-equal place, most of the world is developing in many great ways. The future, if it exists and is not washed away by AI or nanorobots or a full-scale nuclear war (none of which gives me a sleepless night because I can not do a thing about these things) seems a bright one.

People wash their teeth. Maybe sooner than later we’ll consciously devote 3 minutes twice a day to our mental health / happiness too.

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