Focusing on the most important thing or doing things all the time that matter?

Often I run into self-help writers that tell people to focus on one thing. It might be losing weight, earning money, learning to play the guitar, traveling the world or devote to afterlife.

Some go as far as saying that they live all their lives focusing on missions like the above-mentioned, in few-months’ blocks. Fair enough.

But most of us are not cut out to do one thing at a time.

It even partly defines us when we cross our borders. From taking the first steps to finally, not give a fuck and move away from home (let it be from our parents, roommates or continent). You can be the guy who never moved out from home or the one that traveled half the world.

But missions end. If you don’t continue on living life only for yourself you’ll find several projects that will be important for you. You’ll want to have time with your family but do a good job or make a change in something. You’ll want to keep friendships running. You’ll want to live a full life with your commitments.

/It sounds appealing to earn a million dollars. But if the price is to lose contact with our family, friends and partner, work our asses off for 5 years and become an asshole you never wanted to become – only to maybe get back to normal to restart a normal life when it’s possibly too late: given these T&C you probably wouldn’t go for it./

What if success, for most of us, does not mean being the richest guy, the most famous girl. Or the woman with the biggest ass around? What if success, rather than focusing on one thing, means to live a well-rounded life, filled with well-being and meaning in most of our actions?

Rather than trying to be like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk most people should try dozens of things, find the ones that they like to do and give up fear of being “average” since a life with meaning is just enough. And meaning is brought from action: if you’re life is full of action you find meaningful it doesn’t matter whether you’re a global or a village player.

Finding meaning for me is a constant attempt to get away from default (when I see only what is good for me, ignoring all the others). For me meaning is when I manage to mentally step up to do something beneficial for others: let it be my partner, friends, family, students, a stranger, etc.

Rather than a way of fame, money and big “game changing”, simple meaning is a life-effort of creation and well-rounded human life. I’m more than happy to recommend it…

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