Morals of measuring my money life for a year


I can’t recall how it started but I have measured my expenses the last 365 days. Full report below. Summed up: I spent 45% of what I earned, mainly on travels (1/3), home (1/6), charity (1/7), food, drinks (1/8), transportation (1/16), business ventures (1/20).

What I’ve learned from this project:
I earn more than I thought I did (more from tour leading, less from other sources)
I spend more than I thought I did (I’ve always said I spent 10-30% of my salary: last year it was 45%; I’ve always said I spent an average Hungarian/Budapest wage but I spend considerably more)
One-time expenses add up (even though it’s lifestyle that makes the big difference, this is not to be ignored either)
I bought no items for the pleasure of buying
there’s nothing I regret buying
I spent twice as much money eating out than at home (partly because of the nature of tour leading but still, it’s a bit surprising)
I party little. At times, around 18-22 alcohol was probably the highest expense of mine. Now it’s 1,3%.
I hope to spend more money in the future on books and concerts.
– I’m happy to have taken the time and effort to spend most of my expenses on travels, charity, practical things (let it be a washing-drying machine or a car repair) and other experiences.
– I’d recommend this venture for anyone who’s trying to have a more clear picture of him/herself. Money is probably the easiest thing to measure when it comes to our effects on the outer world.

This was the year when I started monthly charity, business ventures with some of my own money, got started with passive income and for home bought the first TV or carpets in my life.
The changes in expenses reflect the changes of my life that shouldn’t be a surprise at all but they are very nice to see.


Come the report:
891 entries. ~ 100 of them are income, ~800 of them are expense.
Income (taxes, accountant’s fee deducted): 100%
– Tour leading: 82,5%
– Locally guided tours: 13,5%
– Investment (passive income): 3,1%
– Others (volunteering, money found on the street, etc.): 0,9%

Expenses (compared to income): 45,37%
Savings: 54,63%

Expenses (100%) in categories:
1, Travels 31,7%
– South-East Asia (42 days): 21,2%
– Israel & Jordan (9 days): 3,7%
– Bordeaux (3-4 days): 2,5%
– Transylvania (5 days): 1,9%
– Bayern, Germany, visit friends (5 days): 1,2%
– Day trips in Hungary, (7, together): 1,2%
– Organized trip to Lviv, Ukraine (5 days): 0%

2, Home 16,8%
– Costs (common costs, electricity, internet, property tax, etc.): 9,4%
– Furniture, carpets, household machines: 7,4%

3, Charity 15,4%

4, Food, drinks 13,9%
– Restaurant, bistro, café (outside of travels): 8,7%
– Supermarket, bakery: 3,9%
– Drinks (at bar, for house party): 1,3%

5, Transportation (except work-related or longer travel) 6%
– Car (including fuel, taxes, parking, repairs, etc.): 3,3%
– Public transportation (Budapest): 1,5%
– Train: 0,8%
– Others: 0,4%

6, Business ventures (in hope of future profit) 5,3%
– Organized trip 4,9%
– Investment 0,4%

7, Others 11,9%
Incoming baby: 2,3%
Clothes: 2,1%
Telephone bills: 1,8%
Gifts: 1,6%
Entertainment (Cinema, concert, thermal bath, etc.): 0,8%
Stolen: 0,7%
Computer repairs: 0,5%
Others: 2,3%

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