Taking the bus or walking to success?

Success in this article refers to reaching personal goals.

Taking the bus means becoming part of someone else’s project.

Walking means following your own ideas.

Taking the bus refers to a more traditional lifestyle. E.g. you want to make money so I’ll be part of a project that makes money (=you get a job).

Walking would involve inventing something or starting an own business with a new product or go out hunting after you burn all your money.

In an ultra-individualist view one can not reach success by riding the bus.
In an ultra-communalistic world one can not be successful by walking.

Taking the bus is easy. The problem is that you don’t get exactly where you wanted to go.

Walking is hard. The problem is that after you leave the road you might arrive to a deep forest – and that’s all you’ve done.

I’m taking a bus in many things in my life. (Clothes, cars, furniture, working for companies as an independent contractor, having a monogamous relationship, etc.)

One of the things where I’m trying to walk (although I’m more like stumbling), is this blog. It’s turning a year old in a couple of days.

I wrote more than 60 articles. My original idea that I’d work on average an hour daily is more-or-less completed: when it comes strictly to writing articles that are published here, I probably did less. When it comes to researching, ideas, books, movies and stubs I did, read, watched, wrote in connection with this project it’s easily , triple, quadruple or more.

I could have followed a pattern how to reach out to readers. How to search-engine-optimize. How to earn money, how to make this a successful business. I could have taken the bus to (at least mild) success.

But I decided to walk.

It’s partly laziness. It’s partly non-compromising. It’s partly counterculture. It’s partly schadenfreude over my own failure. It’s fear from failing if I give all in. But mostly, it’s laziness.

When I was hired to be a cruise manager as my first serious job it instantly took a(n express) bus to success: money, travels, a certain type of freedom, living up to high expectations, challenges and breaking some of the stereotypes I was raised up in. And I sped pedal-to-the-metal but arrived somewhere far where I never wanted to be.

Walking is always slower. You can not take a highway. Rather you wander off in the woods. Easy to lose your way. Difficult to beat a new path. At the end you might not arrive anywhere. You’re likely to walk alone. True, all true. But aren’t we all here to find higher meaning, to conquer challenges and fulfill our own human potential?

Do you know the cheesy quote: “If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.”? It implies that working for someone else’s goal is inferior than working for your own. It implies that the way to “build your dream” is through a job. And that it’s something negative to work for others’ goals. I greatly disagree: we are not all born to be entrepreneurs, to lead teams, to invent stuff and to live a unique, special working life.

On the other hand I still believe we all can be special. Not necessarily at work. Not as a Guinness recorder or an Olympic award winner. But as a number 1 or 2 girlfriend, husband, mother, drinking partner, joker – something.

At the end I never started this blog out to be “someone” or make money. At the end, free rendering from Vonnegut (To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.) I started to write this blog to grow my English language skills, writing skills and think through what’s important and worth living for. Then I started this project to give a hand to, to help others.

A year will have passed soon. I’ve helped others much more with working, volunteering, charity and just being there than with this website (although I’ve had few positive responses here too).

Riding the bus is always easier. But the time might come that the path I’ll have walked will look clear enough to follow – or even wide enough to build highways on it.


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