Make your day 8 minutes 45 seconds better: stop complaining!

To complain is to “express dissatisfaction or annoyance about something” or to “state that one is suffering from (a pain or other symptom of illness)”.

Now, complaining is something that we can all do. It’s very easy and very simple. And a first complaint surely can be a very useful first step towards action. -Mom, my foot really hurts! -Let’s take a look! […] OH MY GOD, IT’S BROKEN! WE TAKE YOU TO THE DOCTOR NOW!

Complaining can be a last step too: when there’s absolutely nothing else to do, complaining might ease the pain a little bit. I’m innocent but I’m taken to the gallows in an hour. Life has always been a bitch to me…

Clear case scenarios:
– acknowledging a problem can be taken as a complaint (Why are you complaining that so many others complain all the time?!)
– with your hands tied and no more options – at least you can still complain.

But complaining is usually more like an everyday activity, like chatting, gossiping, watching TV, drinking beer and the rest.
“I’m born to this shit country in a shitty time”, “The bus is just too crowded every morning.”, “These MPs raised my taxes. Can you believe?”, “My neighbour couldn’t even say hi to me.”, “This chicken tastes like shit.”, “It’s raining again.”
You could continue this for long.

“Acceptance means no complaining, and happiness means no complaining about the things over which you can do nothing.”
– Wayne W. Dyer
Now we clearly see that complaining is quite senseless. It’s just like eating in McDonald’s, overeating yourself, watching TV for long hours or scrolling Facebook to no end. But you’ll still do it… …because:
– it feels good
– it’s your habit
– it connects you to others.

“A good conversation always involves a certain amount of complaining. I like to bond over mutual hatreds and petty grievances.”
― Lisa Kleypas


But complaining, as other useless or negative activities take up a lot of your time and bring you absolutely no results.

Wanna stop complaining? (click on the links for the full articles):
Worked for others (check full articles by clicking on the first word):
change the way you think, allow yourself to vent once in a while, yoga, be less judgmental, think of what you are grateful for, change the world a bit your way, accept responsibility, find what makes you happy, take care of yourself
never blame others or dwell on mistakes
seriously want to be rich ’cause the rich don’t complain
be willing to get laid
don’t go to vote, ’cause if you didn’t vote you have no right to complain

Worked for me:
realizing that
– complaining (just like hatred, judging or empty conversations) takes a lot of energy
– complaints are really boring
– I always have a choice
– if I can’t change it, I have accept it (as long as it’s possible, positively) / if I can change it – why would I complain?

Self-help advice are always very easy in life. “Work out every day for an hour!”, “Start learning a new language today and do it every day for 20 minutes” and… …”Don’t complain!”.

But imagine that to become more of who you want to be, you have to follow some of these easy-to-say but difficult-to-manage rules. Do you give a chance to “Don’t complain?”. Will you pay attention the next time you are that pathetic person, coming up for the shitty emotions and senseless arguments?
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