What’d you do with a million bucks or how can you eliminate your money problems?

“Warren Buffett’s got money problems; the drunk hobo down at Kwik-E Mart’s got money problems. Buffett’s just got better money problems than the hobo. All of life is like this.”

(Mark Manson: The subtle art of not giving a f ck)


An interesting idea for me as I can not recall ever having money issues in my life. If anything, I had to learn how to spend rather than only save up – that I was thought to do.

I disagree with Mark’s idea. People have money issues who have very little and those who care about money.

You can not feed your family and would do literally anything to provide – or thinking whether to risk 2 or 3 billion euros next week. Both money issues.


But for people who have enough for their basic needs and to whom money is an asset, not a goal: where is that ever present money problem?

You are an employee working 8 hours 5 times a week, getting practically the same paycheck monthly and spend 10% or half of it or 90% of it every month without thinking about it. I don’t think there’s a money issue. The same goes the high school kid with a pocketmoney that’s enough for him to take her crush out to cinema and buy pop-corn once in a while.


Money becomes a problem when we want more of it.

One solution to the money issue is the Western (American) way: become filthy fucking rich.

The other way is the Eastern (Buddhist) way: make sure we don’t wish for money, at all.


Based on Maslow’s pyramid of human needs, I drew a money-pyramide: how money it’s usually perceived for people (the amounts are accidental):

While we could look at it from a completely different point of view:
As long as you want to be a status symbol with a new yacht and a Ferrari it’s unlikely you’ll ever get through the yellow zone while a bit of traveling can show you that many get to the do top of the pyramid from 10 USD / day in places like Vietnam or Jordan.
Advice on money?
1, whatever you make – save (at least) 10% of it. You’re gonna be okay.
2, cut non-important things. Live minimal.
3, give. Charity is a good way to realize that your money can change the world for the better.
Most of your things are non-important icings on your life. Status, comfort, luxury: are they really that important for you!?
Don’t be this girl! (pic: planet prudence)

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