Do you want to live in the moment or have important life goals?

Self-help literature teaches us two opposite concepts:
– live at the moment AND
– have serious life-long plans

Both ideas make a lot of sense in different life stages but learning them at the same time is quite… …impossible (like many self-help concepts including get rich, happy, popular and have a six pack in 15 days).

Living in the moment means you don’t give a shit about most of the things, including the past and the future, the news, starving African children, your mom’s issues and a lot more. You are focusing on the very moment, feeling the flow… (Obligatory reading: Csíkszentmihályi: Flow)

Having serious life goals means you don’t give a shit about most of the things, including… …every non-important things (probably including the news, the starving African children and what’s happening right in front of you).

You can have everything too: feeling flow while working towards your ultimate goal. But this is the happy end of a long learning process.


1, How to live in the moment?
What others suggest (click on the links for the full articles):
daily gratitude, physical activity, limit distractions, find a way to give, find beauty in something
listen, see, feel, smell, touch… …be
– “If you are doing something you consider a means to an end, reframe that activity as an ends in itself. For example, instead of thinking, “I am showering because I am getting ready to go out to dinner” think, “I am showering.” Let the showering be a full, rich experience in itself.”
– stop worrying about the future
– focus on what you are doing at the moment
– daily meditation
to improve your performance, stop thinking about it; if something is bothering you, move toward it; know that you don’t know; just do something
single-task, not multitask; do less; put space between things; spend at least 5 minutes every day doing nothing; pay attention to the others talking; eat slowly to savour your food
develop awareness, change routine, be positive
smile, perform random acts of kindnesses, give thanks, don’t worry
fall in love, say I’m sorry, give yourself permission, climb a mountain, call an old friend, stargaze, let go, have a silent day, dream wild and big
remove unneeded possessions, forgive past hurts, think beyond old solutions to problems, conquer addictions

What worked for me:
go on a bike trip alone
consistently act non-conventional and gett away with it
quit my job at once
live under 1 USD a day
realize that I’ll die one day


2, How to set a life goal?
What others suggest (click on the links for the full articles):
relax your ideas on what goal means, start with what you enjoy, think about what you want / what you don’t want, consider the seven key areas of life
think about what you want, make plans for achievement, work toward your goals
brainstorm for 5-10 minutes, set your life goals, build a plan to achieve them, get after it
stop setting goals for the wrong reason, choose a goal to create a journey, if the goal doesn’t work, change it
set goals that motivate you, get SMART goals, set goals in writing, make an action plan, stick with it
set lifetime goals, set smaller goals, SMART goals
evaluate and reflect, define your dreams and goals, make your goals SMART, have accountability
after having a lifelong goal, create 1 year, medium, short term sub-goals

Worked for me:
realize that life is a long enterprise and habits make the difference
– realize that long-term is more important than the present (keeping your girlfriend carries more value than going for the “right here, right now” random girl)
write 100 articles in less than half a year
try tons of things proactively including travel, odd jobs, getting to know people of all backgrounds
create a 6-year plan for myself and follow up on it yearly


Most people sail through life without giving too much thoughts to living in the moment or setting long term goals.
Without being too much focused on the present or on their important mission, people give a shit about unimportant things. Let it be news about a guy who cut his nose off to look like a Marvel character, completely useless TV programs or gossips at the workplace.

Whatever people try to tell you, you should always remember: it’s OKAY not to be the winnerOften millionaire superstars are more miserable than your neighbour or your ex-girlfriend (remember Chester Bennington?) while below average guys enjoy simple pleasures of work, family, health – and being alive immensely. (a trip to SE Asia or the Middle-East helps to find these people).

People telling you that you need a million dollar are trying to sell their book the same way as Coca Cola advertisements trying to convince you to drink their product. Believe me: you don’t need neither a million bucks, nor Coca Cola.


Do you live in the moment? Do you have life goals? Let us know in a comment or on our Facebook site!


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