My 150 day challenge or finding a purpose

I’ve always wanted to know my death date.

It would provide a clear-cut certainty: I have e.g. 12563 days to live.

Apart from organizing my activities to change the outside world more efficiently it would make my life easier. Or that’s what I believe.

So what about the 150 day challenge? As of my knowledge I’m not going to die in 5 months and I’m not having a life-altering accident either. BUT – (quite the opposite) I’m getting a new line of work – and in a way a promotion in life-purpose or at least in responsibility: it looks like I’m becoming a father this December.


5 months to go and my life will never be the same again. Or that’s what they say.

And does this make my life easier?

Yes, it does. I have 150 days to focus and concentrate!


It took me about a week to find a good goal for myself and being inspired by very simple format books like “A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy“, “500 things to be happy about” and “Secrets of the Superoptimist” I decided to not overcomplicate – and write a simple book. I managed to write a novel in 2004 when I was 15 in 100 days. Let’s see how it goes this time 😉


Finding a purpose is not an either-or question. It’s a bit like getting rich or being fit, just to mention to popular self-development topics.

I certainly have more purpose than I had in 2015 but hopefully less than I’ll have in 2019.

And the same way as one wouldn’t want to be as rich as Bill Gates or look like Arnold Schwarzenegger one wouldn’t want to have as much purpose as Jesus or Mohamed.


So here I go, trying to start a new habit and a new short-term goal in my life: writing a book. If I will have to choose between being a good father or a good self-development person, I’d go for being a good father, no doubt.

But I’m an energetic, enthusiastic, optimistic person. And I have 150 days before the bomb explodes 🙂


I let you know about the book, hopefully soon! 🙂

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