How do you choose a new partner / job / goal?

If you are a decision-maker then you’ll only have 2 states:
1, looking into making a decision
2, sticking to your decision after you’ve made it.

After having made an important decision our perception of the world changes big time. The possibilities that existed before are not there any longer.
– You could find yourself in the bed of a random partner on Saturday mornings without anyone bothering you for it. Now you have a partner who won’t tolerate this.
– You could lay at home, unemployed and now you have to wake up at 6.40 am to reach your new workplace by 8.00.
– You could read the news and scroll Facebook for hours every day with the slight feeling that you are wasting your time while now you’ve got to focus on writing an article ’cause it’s Monday!

Making these important decisions are the core of all the changes we can make in our lives. Yet, we seem to be more afraid to walk up to a stranger woman and say “You are beautiful” then being stuck with a person for life who is probably not the right one for us.

Making important decisions go down to 2 basic elements:
– take all pros and contras into consideration
– listen to your gut.
If you forget about one of those two, you’ll are more likely to fail.

But making a wrong decision is still a lot better than not making any.
When you make up your mind and get a new job / partner / goal / … then suddenly you are in a new game. And this new game has new rules. Imagine you change from chess to football. Suddenly you’ll have to run around, there are 22 of you on the field, you’re not a boss to give orders to all your players, etc. A big new life decision is something similar. Most of the rules will change. So you shut out the rest. Doesn’t matter who it used to be, you go with your new decision.
And if you realize you made a mistake? Or the decision expired? Well, lesson learned, experience gained. Life doesn’t stop to wait for you.

But because we take ourselves and our decisions seriously is why we need to take all the precautions and preparations.

You are 16 and you want to be a lawyer?
Well, be smarter than your classmates and take the effort to get to know how is it to be one. Meet some lawyers. If you decide to be one, you’ll be like them, not the other way around. If you are not sure about law school? Make a decision to attend the first year. And then you can still go many ways.

This girl is the one? Great! Make a commitment that whatever happens you’ll stay with her for the next six months and make all the necessary compromises. Then we see whether to step up or from there.

Used car business is cut-out for you? Cool! Be an apprentice or a salesman for the next year. You’ll certainly get a flavour for it.

Making an important life decisions goes down to be conscious. If you do that you can not be too wrong, can you?

What do you think? What works for you? Let us know in a comment, email or on Facebook!

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