You’re more and less important than you think at the same time

It always brings a smile to my face when the same people tell me:
Don’t worry about small things because will fade away &
Be happy about the small pleasures of life because they give the taste to your days

I have this is the kind of positive approach too. So how is it with us being important? Let’s take a look.

Most of us are self-obsessed. Understandably.
We have control over our body (or so we think), our thoughts (or so we think) and our actions (or so we think).
Putting philosophies aside: we control ourselves more than we control others. We are responsible for ourselves and for those close to us (family and friends). At least a large part of most of our lives goes down based on this.


But who are you, really?


You are the omnipotent master of your body and your thoughts, the inner GOD, your brain giving despotic orders to your body (which is still you, though). In this sense you are clearly something special and someone as important as one can get. This tips the balance towards egoism, egotism, egocentrism or even egomania.

Then, on the other end you are a human being, just like all the others. While you are reading this sentence there are about 16 more humans appear. They are just like you. Exactly as important. Or that’s what we like to say, at least. There are over 7517 million of us right now.
Let’s try ignoring everybody outside of your continent. Then your country. Then your city, except your neighbourhood. As 55% of the world lives in urban areas (and way more percentage in the developed part) this tiny fragment of the planet still has more people than you will ever get to know.
This tips the balance towards feeling small, insignificant and meaningless.


This is how the dual nature of ourselves exists against the background of society.
But none of the two sides brings out the best of one’s life: as you have one way to act and you have to synchronize these 2 different ways of thinking: individual and social.

Inverse thinking might give some ideas how to balance your thoughts:
1, When you think you are the centre of the universe water your thoughts down with the fact: even if you are more important than 99% of the people there still are more than 75 million guys who come before you.
2, When you think you’re life is completely insignificant and meaningless don’t get drawn too much into the thing. You are probably THE MOST IMPORTANT, unreplaceable person for someone (let it be a parent, sibling, child or friend). (If this doesn’t help, look for quick solutions, like leaving your house/office for a moment.)

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