Would you want to know your death date?

Thinking and talking of death is an essential part of thinking about human life and planning the future. When it comes to social sciences you’ll find all kind of data about life expectancy and common causes of death. When it comes to healthy eating you’ll find how you can live longer in average. When you grow older and retire death becomes something to think about as your friends, brothers and former colleagues pass away.
But as long as death is distant, one doesn’t give too much thought to the whole thing. And I guess it does make sense.
Do I think about retirement at age 28? Nope.
Do I think about getting weaker, physically and mentally as time will pass by at age 28? No way.
Do I think about dying and death? Yep.

Unlike many I’d consciously like to have some sort of effect on the outer world. I strongly believe that our (and my) actions matter and even though I have doubts whether the human race and human action is generally a good thing, I actively want to and try to change the outside world.

Now, reaching a long-lasting effect has a lot to do with habits. But how to form habits when you don’t know how long you have the chance to participate?

The thing is: this date exists (will exist). You will die. Knowing the date (let it be next week, 3 years from now, 54 and a half years from now, etc.) gives you a timeframe, or even better put: a deadline for accomplishments.

Imagine you’d have a final exam in high school but you can take whenever you want to. Chances are that you’d never sit down to take them. You wouldn’t even finish high school!

Not knowing the date might make you relaxed. It even gives you the feeling of infinity: as the date of your death will never come. But relaxing might not let you appreciate the time you have – to do something you’d really love to.

Would you want to know the date?

I certainly would…


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