How unfair is the world to you?

It’s quite easy to realize the injustice of the world when we are the suffering part. You watch La La Land and say:
“These 2 people can act, sing and dance and look great. Why not me?”
Or on your 4 week long vacation in Thailand you meet the guy who is there for 12 weeks and his hourly salary is double than yours. The world suddenly looks unjust.
When you feel all this, you are right. The world is unjust.
And by having some free time, internet access and the skill to read you are probably in the top few percent of the world. You are privileged. Probably. But I don’t want to preach about what you have: ’cause I don’t know.
But I’d like to give a hand to appreciate more what you have – whatever it might be. Life’s happier when the glass is half full. When life’s happier, you have more chances to fill up your glass.
I began to change my daily habits about a year ago now and the newest conquest of non-conscious time-spending is… …trying to rewire my brain to be more grateful.
A few-minute exercise of consciously being grateful for 3 weeks changes the patterns of the brain into appreciating more.
First thing in the morning (or second after your morning exercise) take one minute of your time to write 3 new things down you’re grateful for just 3 weeks…
It will take you all in all 20 minutes of your life…

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