The 3 most over- and underrated things in your life

Most overrated

1, one-time occasions
– running a Marathon once in your life and stopping to run regularly after it will make a great story but it will be less effective than running 1 km every day
– drinking a liter of vodka is quite harmful for once but way better for your health than getting drunk every Friday
– you buy an expensive present to your loved one / get a parking or speeding ticket / your wallet is stolen ONCE will change less than buying the more expensive apple juice every week
2, salary
– Earning 20% more than you do now is certainly a good thing. But does it make a real difference?
As not being unsuccessful is more important than being successful; spending less than your paycheck is more important than having a big paycheck.
3, other people’s opinion
– We’re genetically wired to care about our social survival Mammoth. But society’s opinion doesn’t decide life and death any more. It’s way easier to be different (be ourselves) than it used to before.
Doing what you like and being generally honest works way better on a long run.
+1, personal achievements
Achieving things you can brag about including how many partners you slept with or how many countries you visited or how much you earn doesn’t mean a thing for others until it changes their lives.

Most underrated:

1, habits
Rather than one-time occasions it’s habits that move our lives in certain directions. Imagine: just by learning one word in a foreign language every day (and not forgetting it) you’d get to a 1000 word knowledge (basic level) every 3 years, speaking 15-20 languages “basically” after a couple of decades.
Alternatively, watching TV an hour a day takes away 365 hours of possibly productive time a year (more than 45 regular 8 hour work day a year, more than 16% of the actual work one does a year).
2, time
Many believe time is very important but focusing on important issues (let it be spending time with friends, family or dedicate time to important issues) often gets less time and attention than following news portals or sites that catch your attention easily.
3, spending
A penny saved is a penny earned!
Buying a 50 USD cheaper pair of shoes (of the same quality) equals to earning 50 USD.
I have a friend who earns ~600 USD a month and bought an apartment for himself before turning 30 while I have friends who earn more than the same 600 USD in less than 2 days but they haven’t managed to get their own place.
3+1, personal relations
You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with…

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