Do you follow the news? Why!?


I had a girlfriend many years ago (am I getting old!?) who got very surprised when first came to my room.
– It should be clean here.
– Why should it be clean here?
She giggled and looked at me as if I had said a joke. Soon she cleaned the room.
My point with this uninteresting story is NOT that you shouldn’t clean your room or your girlfriend should.
But I want to show that there are so many things in our lives that we do without questioning it. All the way from believing in God through working​ 40 hours a week from Monday to Friday to having a monogamous relationship. We do it because it feels right, we were told to do so not because we really know why it should be like this.
There’s no way any of us can be a “chef“, a genuine inventor and thinker in all fields of life. But there are so many aspects of life we could do more consciously or more in a “handmade for you / individual” way.
One if these things is following the news. Many seem to believe that news are an essential and important part of their life.
I have a couple words to say about this.
A, you should begin / continue to follow the news if:
1, it makes you feel good. Any time you enjoy wasting is not wasted
2, you are a “NEW-SEFO” – when news have a serious effect on your actions.
For example: you’re a politician, journalist, anchorman, activist, think-tank member, you​ get in touch with people appearing on the news, etc. [“seriously”, means here: using the same amount of time, e.g. 1 hour a day to learn a foreign language or work out or be with your family or whatever’s important for you – is better used for watching the news]
B, you should not begin / discontinue following the news if:
1, you feel you don’t have enough time for important things in your life
2, you set your individual opinion about the world based on news (let it be on terrorism, politics, globalization or similar): in this case rather rely on an expert. A friend you trust who spends 3 hours on the news daily, a university professor in politics or similar. Ask them what to think. They are much better sources than news.
3, you don’t want to miss out: all you need news for is to be part of tomorrow’s conversation with your friends or colleagues. In this case have a day (or rather a week) off from following the news and then just react in the conversation as “I missed these news lately. Could you cue me in?” – this will ignite a way more social and interesting talk
cnn (Are you really interested about old cars, McHorseface, photos of ancient tribes and US Open?)
All in all? Most people watch news because they expect
1, entertainment (blood, murder, scandals, conspiracy theories and the rest)
2, anything interesting (“I don’t know what I want to know so I’ll take in whatever’s offered tonight” [more true for TV than online where you choose which articles to read]
3, good information on daily happenings – the thing is: it’s not every day that something important happens either on Planet Earth or in your hometown if something really happens, you’ll hear it more than you’d like to hear about. And even if something important happens new portals might not be the best sources…
4, it’s comfortable and it makes time pass
5, just because – 
People don’t act but react. And following the news is an easy reaction to many friends following the news and talking about them.
Have you ever heard the Serenity Prayer?
“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.”
Apart from God it all sounds great for me. Why should I care about things I can not change, really? It takes away time and energy from those that I can…
Think about all this for a minute before you turn on the news next time!
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