4 hour workweek: Can you do it too?

First of all: thank you, Tim Ferris!

Your book gave me a lot of food for thought and evoked enough emotions for me to write a review. It’s rare. I rarely write reviews.

Still, if I had to sum up your book, I’d say:
I’m Tim. I’m really rich and I’m really cool too. I can teach you how to be like me.
1, Create a product that sells well even though people don’t need it.
2, Get rich from it
3, Throw away things you don’t need (including this book)
4, Lead the life I’ve always wanted
5, Save couple hundred bucks on accommodation and airfare even though you already have a thousand bucks automated income daily and all the time of the world (to avoid flying)
6, Being rich and successful is difficult because people think you are a jerk. But I teach you how to handle this too… Don’t give a shit about others and the consequences of your actions…

But did I regret reading it?
Not at all.
Quotes in the book are great.
Advices from the book? I found about 30% of them interesting. I will find about 5-15% of them useful.
I have plenty of new ideas in how to better myself & make my actions more efficient.
Do I recommend it?
I do. At least to those who:
– want practical advice on business
– interested in getting to know non-conventional lifestyles
– can stand the terrible style of New York Times bestsellers
– is able to skip pages while reading
– can ignore the incredible narcissism and self-absorbedness of the author

One of the main reasons of Pablo Escobar’s downfall (at least according to the very well made series Narcos) is that he wanted to be something else than what he was – a bandito.

Towards the second half of the book Tim Ferris seems to make the same mistake.
First Tim, who is probably a good businessman (studied MBA at Princeton, claims to have 1000 USD/day income with 4 hours work / week) and through his failures and successes he developed an interesting, new type of business model he shares. Fair enough.
Then he tries to teach you how to eliminate unimportant things in your life, how to be more proactive, how to get rid of your useless things and so on and so forth.
It’s a bit too much for me. Some are good advice but many are essentially self-absorbed and narcissistic even for my standards: “I’m fucking great. Just follow me! I’m living the dream!”
Then he teaches you how to travel and live in different continents. In about 5 pages. (I happen to know a bit about this topic and it’s hilariously wrong a couple times. Sometimes it made me laugh hard.)
And in the last chapters (since he already taught you how to make extreme automated income & live anywhere on Planet Earth) he teaches how to give meaning to your life.
Well, what can I say?
Would you want to take advice from a guy whose most important goal is to live the life he wants and ignore the rest?
Who believes that if the worst that can happen to you after you business goes wrong is you can take kindergarteners lunch money / then you should go for it?
I have a much more individual/criminal mind than most I know but the whole idea is too much for me.
Is it really a good thing to make money on something you don’t believe in? And having a lot of rest and self-development to… …have a lot of rest and self-development?
Do you remember Tyler Durdan’s infamous little ideas?
One if them is “Self development is masturbation”.
After reading the book I clearly felt this.
One thing that had little to do with content: I’m used to good writers & literature. This book has 0 literary value and copies catchy quotes and stories. But then – it’s not written to be a Nobel prize winner book. It’s written to be a Bestseller: and ou-la-la: it became a Bestseller!
So, once more: I’m happy to have read this one (even though it was literally painful at times) and I think it has some very good practical ideas. Have a great read but don’t use it as a Bible: it’s one man’s dream and one man’s way to it…

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