What is the best way of not reaching your life goals?

After reading an article from James Clear about inverse thinking I made a note to myself: I shall do the exercise of pointing out what I would need to do in order not to reach my goals.

I would need to:
– fail changing my everyday habits so I will not be able to do more I do now
– get stuck in a job that I don’t believe is moving the world in the right direction
– spend of a lot time being distracted (Facebook, unimportant news, people who bring little to my life – and I bring little to theirs)
– focus a lot on theory, thinking – and little on action and practice
– overestimate comfort, security and money
– put myself in front of other, “bigger than me” ideas
– forget about the simple joys of life
– never relax and always try to push it forward
– focus on myself and have an unrealistic picture of myself
– stop writing my 2 articles weekly
– stop learning French every day
– stop doing my morning exercises
– keep writing “excercise” before autocorrect warns me for the extra “c”
– fail in bringing in new habits and transform a large part of my day to something that makes me more efficient
– get scared – or at least not become more brave when it comes to pointing out unpopular truths


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