The new challenge: new posts every Monday and Thursday


I got inspired from James Clear, top self-development writer whom I was about to completely ignore because he sends too many (news)letters but because I procrastinated long enough he was endorsed by Tim Urban (Wait But Why writer’s).
So what James Clear tells is that he writes an article every Monday and Thursday. (As well as that even though it was never his goal, he managed to write a book this way by committing to a process not to a goal…)
A little while ago I I would have regarded such regularity an attack on my personal freedom. But now I put less focus on how cool & free I am and more on how much I’m affecting / inspiring the outer world. So it’s time to get down to something more serious & regular.
Which (again) puts me in the uncomfortable but rewarding position of facing reality:
– being cool, free and happy is great. But it has little effect on the other 7.347 billion people.
– I have less effect on the outer world than I would like to have. I wish to do more because I feel like having unused potential & I have plenty of inner drive to self-develop and to better the outside world.
So with this post I’m saying good bye (hoping to say goodbye!) to outbursts (like a 37 day bike trip alone or a novel written in 100 days) and try to follow the road of long-term, indefinite-ending goals: like doing exercise every morning for more than half a year or learning French every day for more than two months).
And I plan to follow the exact same routine that James Clear did: 2 blog posts a week: one on Mondays, one on Thursdays. Until when? Indefinite. I want this to become part of my life rather than a short term project.
I don’t want to limit the length of the posts, the language of the posts (English or Hungarian), the day of writing the posts or the topic of them.
All I want is 2 posts a week. Some will not fit into the original profile of Minimalist Happiness’ but I’ll mention all of them anyway on the FB site. EVERY MONDAY AND THURSDAY…
You’ll be my witness to it / the grumpy teacher checking that I’m doing my homework 🙂

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