My charity in 2017

The moment when I realized charity is a great thing when I heard of a poor village in Hungary where mostly Rroma (gypsies) live. Rather then living in poverty, crime and similar the new mayor decided to fight rural reality and create new products in the settlement of 352 people.
One day the people of Cserdi bought agricultural products to Budapest and gave them to the homeless. Their slogan was: We’ve grown it for You – we didn’t steal it from You.
I thought – if these guys work hard every day to fight their own poverty and they make enough to help people in Budapest – who am I not to have enough to give!?
(Here are couple other thoughts of mine about ways to use / need of money.)

Mayor of the village of Cserdi, Hungary

So keeping up with the promise I made when I began to run this blog I’m giving at least 10% of my income for charity this year.

I tried to choose the organisations carefully.
Global organisations are out because I’m not (yet?) a global player.
Similarly, most large Hungarian organisations are out because I don’t think my contribution counts a lot – and I hate seeing large receptions with fancy snacks and meals in fancy hotels and similar. Not from my money.
So I chose primarily smaller organisations and I commit myself to get familiar with all of them (that I don’t know yet) personally this year.

So I give money in 2017 to
A, fight corruption and create a more functional democracy in Hungary:
Direkt 36 – independent press (English website available)
Átlátszó – independent press
Kettős Mérce  – independent press
Slejm  – political activist
K-Monitor – against corruption (English website available)

B, help the less fortunate in rural Hungary
Dr Ámbédkar iskola – education (English website available)
bffd – creating working opportunities (English website available)
Foncsorozó Egyesület – helping during everyday life and festivities to a small, mainly Rroma (gypsy) village

C, help homeless and poor in Budapest
Budapest Bike Maffia – food support for homeless and poor and other programs (English website available)
Menhely Alapítvány – create shelter for the homeless (English website available)

[D, my favourite blog
Wait But Why – creating incredible quality content (English website available)]

Do you have some extra money? I urge you to give for organisations too!
Do you have some extra time? I encourage you to volunteer for organisations too!


Apart from financial support I’ll keep volunteering and teach about European Union in Hungarian high schools; be active in managing parts of the FreeInterrail project and to organize trips for mainly university students without much chance of financial benefit.

We are interested in your opinion: comment here or on on Facebook!

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