How many countries are you going to visit before you die?

First of all let us shed light to a well-known but often overlooked fact: you are going to die. (given that there is no revolutionary breakthrough in science)

Then, before you could say: hey, it’s so far away so let’s not think about it it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s gonna come somewhere between 75 and 85 years of age.

Believing that your life is eternal and is never gonna end helps you ignoring death but makes it difficult for you to plan very far ahead.

So let’s try to make a rough outline on one activity in your life: travel.




This article is about visiting a number of countries. We are aware this is not a perfect way to describe traveling. Visiting the all the 50 States of the United States through 20 time 2 week long travels is not the same as spending a weekend in New York, clearly.
To counteract this we’ll talk about countries visited and days traveled too.

This whole article is like using a couple numbers to get to know your future and possible future travels.


So let’s get down to business. Here’s our 4-step guide:

1, How many days have you traveled* in the last 5 years (2012-2016)?
How many countries have you visited during this time?
Example: 40 days, 5 countries

*it’s not as easy to define traveling as one would think so:
– “We lived in Poland… …for 2 weeks” OR
– “we’ve been traveling for 10 months out of which we were teaching English for 9 in Buenos Aires”

2, Check from the average life-expectancy of your country how long will you live and see how long you have.
Example: 45 years to go
3, Do the Math.
Example: I’m going to travel 200 days in 45 countries in the rest of my life.

4, Are you content with traveling this much in your life?
If yes: congratulations! 🙂
If not: make a plan which countries you’d like to see in your life (this list helps). Keep in mind: “I want to see them all!” hardly means more than “I want all the toys from the shop”.
Think a moment whether visiting all those countries fits into the plan of your life. If not, then choose:
– is it more important to keep your current lifestyle than travel more OR
– is it more important to travel more than to keep your current lifestlye


If the second one is your choice, then consider:
– slight changes in your lifestyle: more vacations, a longer break between 2 jobs, using weekends for traveling (this last one isn’t for Aussies, sorry)
– big change in your lifestyle: after saving up a bit of money quitting and traveling for a couple months

– go on a 4 year long honeymoon around the world by bicycle

quit your job and start travelling professionally


Don’t forget though: it’s never the achievements that matter. Telling your friends that you’ve been to 100 countries is like telling that you’ve had sex with 100 different partners:
while it sounds cool (to some) it doesn’t mean it makes you happy or a better person.
Some are happy with 1 partner in their life. Some never have enough.
Probably you’re somewhere in between. But it is you who has to know where he is standing.

Why I've Never Traveled Outside of the U.S.

We hope this articles gives a good idea about traveling to new countries in the rest of your life. If traveling is not your cup of tea, try to think of any other long-term achievement in a similar way. A great article here for example covers how many times one will swim in the ocean, how many Superbowls will there be to watch and how many day you’ll spend with your parents.




What’s your take on the matter?
Share it with us in a comment and like our Facebook page!

5 thoughts on “How many countries are you going to visit before you die?

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