3 things we love about shopping

What is it that we exactly feel when we pop a tag: buy a piece of cloth or for that instance a new watch, phone, car, apartment or yacht?

1, we feel joy of practical growth: now I won’t be cold anymore; I’ll always know the exact time, I can check my emails quickly any time, I can get from A to B faster, etc.
2, we feel that our status in society has grown: my neighbours and people passing by on the streets are going to envy me for what I have.
3, we feel joy for being able to express ourselves: with these new clothes and gadgets I’m so much more “me” than before…
/DISCLAIMER: I’m not a shopper so maybe I just don’t get the whole idea.
If someone can tell me that these joys are really important in life, I’ll be very happy to listen./

But what I believe in is that from the above-mentioned 3 best things only 1 makes sense: practical growth. I, for instance, have a car and I’m happy to have a car: it makes my life much easier when I need it. But I don’t have or need a very good looking or expensive car.
– You are NOT your cloths, watch, phone, car, apartment or yacht. Self-expression through materialistic goods is shallow to say the least.
– You don’t need more than 2 (maybe 3) coats. Buying your 5th coat gives you the feeling of an achievement. It’s an existing but short and non-important joy for which you might have spent some of your most important assets: your time and your money.
It’s possible to spend your money better:
  – 1, you can buy experiences rather than material goods. Cliché but it’s basically true: Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.
  – 2, you can help others. Your next 500 euro phone you don’t need can be the opportunity of a lifetime for someone in your very vicinity…


3 things we love about shopping? See above.

2 things we could love about spending?
– Travel & other experiences rather than materially self-express
– Help others. You have so much. You must be able to spare a at least a tiny bit for starters…


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