How can I change the world the most?

When it comes to “changing a world” many think about something fictional, almost mystical: situations reserved for movie stars and politicians that come very rarely – if ever in their lives.


However changing the world does not mainly materialize by dragging a drowning man out of the water once in your life, killing an evil dictator once or changing the health care system of the United States.
Changing the world is nothing more complicated than anything in our daily lives and we do it pretty much constantly by our actions.

So we do change the world every day. We click on websites, buy new products, vote, talk, breathe, have rest, read certain news, watch certain movies, etc.


Now thinking a bit of all this we might feel really small. A single individual that is able to understand the size of the global world. Or the solar system. Or the universe. But let’s stay on Earth.
Most of us are not going to be mentioned on pages of elementary school history books. We are not presidents, CEOs, world leaders or global game changers.

Rather, we live more “normal” lives that are entangled with present trends, fashion, news, food, TV, new gadgets, partner, friends and children.

So here you stand with your life. You are a drop in the ocean of 7,47 billion. As long as you act like most around, you change the world by standing up for mediocrity: the way humanity has survived for a couple hundred thousand years.


You might want to be better than mediocre, stand up for something and become a pebble stone or even a rock – changing the course of other the drops in the ocean.

To become a rock you need to get independent and stand very strong. You need to give up many aspects of normal life: clicking on random websites, watching TV, read unimportant news, etc. You have to prioritize and sacrifice a lot that you could do so that you become successful in one thing.


Again, this isn’t a fictional situation. This is something that helps you to get a grip on the million ways different ways of life. Among others they are called:
– elementary school
– work
– high school
– university
– military training
– PhD
– love
– hobby, etc.

If you’d like to have a real big change in the world do this:
Learn and work hard.

That’s all it takes. And if your grandchildren will not read about you on pages of history books, be very grateful for when you lived: only emergencies need heroes…


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