10+1 best things to do in your free time

It always brings a certain lenient smile to my face when people tell me “I’d love to do that but I don’t have time.
When preparing to graduate from high school the girl I wanted to be with often told me “I can’t stay longer – I have to learn.
She was genuinely concerned and stressed about the big, important upcoming exams. After graduation she admitted that she never, not even once sat down to learn. But still, she had no time for me (or for other friends). Some spend most of their life like this: can you imagine?


So we have duties like work, getting to work, taking care of our family and what-not: and the rest of our time we call “free time”. This is the time that we are free to do what we want. Too much of it usually makes you bored, too little of it makes you feel too busy.

When you dig deeper you realize that all of our life is “free time”: because we decide how we spend every second of it. Really. But more philosophy another time in another article.

So let’s get down to the ideas.

1, Turn off your TV

I’m serious. Have you seen anything recently worth all your time spent in front of the TV? If not, give it up. I did it when I was 15. Haven’t watched TV since and haven’t had a TV either. Do you think I miss out? I’ve never felt so and no one ever told me so.


2, Clean out your inbox

How many unread messages do you have? Have zero.
The ones you haven’t answered? Answer them! You have free time to do that!



3, Move yourself

Run, go to the gym, go out for a walk, etc.. You never have time to do that? 10 minutes at home every day is enough for some new excercises. It’s your free time, hey!


4, Read

Almost all sucessful people read.
You don’t know where to start and you don’t have books to read? Visit your local library! – if you can not find anything interesting on the shelves, ask the personnel!


5, Watch good movies

For many, movies are just a form of entertainment while films have become one of the main sources of information. Some movies are easily as impactful as books. You don’t know which are best ones? IMDb, the world’s largest movie database put together a list of the 250 movies based on user reviews. Having watched them all here are my recommendations from the list.


6, Make life goals and write them down

Take 10 minutes of your time to set up where you’d like to be in 5 years. Completing achievements is an incredibly grateful thing to have.
A 5-year-plan sounds a bit too much? Do it in your own pace. Get some inspiration from 101 goals in 1001 days!


7, If your city has a free tour, join in!

The same applies to museums, zoos.
It’s incredible how little you know about your home-town/city, believe me!


8, Spend quality time with friends and family.

Never have enough time for this important part of life but you have time for silly games on your phone? Nah, come on!


9, Introspect (if you are in extrovert) / Meet people (if you are in introvert)

If you feel you’ve spent a bit too much with others, you keep repeating or listening to the same stories, give it consciously a bit of time to contemplate over your life.
If you feel however that you haven’t spent any time with peers lately do go out and get into a conversation with someone new: a neighbour, a random old lady or a homeless will do.


10, Nostalgia

Absolutely no brain to do anything? Look at old pictures!
It’ll probably make you feel better, a bit sentimental and will help to put your life in a better perspective by refreshing forgotten memories.


10+1, You aim higher?

Then ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE: write/journal, blog, take photos, volunteer (even for a single occasion!), paint, draw, play music, sing, learn the basics of a new topic (let it be microeconomics or basics of philosophy: do it on Coursera, Khan Academy or edX for free!), learn a new language, etc.

Hands up

Thanks for reading!
All comments are welcome!

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