What do YOU want to do with me?

Some of them want to use you, some of them want to get used by you, some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused… …sweet dreams are made of this” Do you all know the song? Eurythmics – Sweet dreams it is.

Other than using and abusing some of them have clear views what they’d like to do with us:

1, These guys want to sell us insurances:


2, This guy wants us to give him some money:

3, These guys want us to vote for them


4, The guys that made this ad want us to buy Kit-Kats

5, I’m writing this article because I want you to read it

6, What do you want from us?!


We humans are very complicated creatures when it comes to the whole mechanism of thinking and decision-making but we are relatively easy to describe when it comes to our actions: and action is the key to all social activities that matter for the outer world.

Watch this: Jill never leaves her home and doesn’t buy, give or read. All the guys mentioned above will not care a bit whether Jill is the happiest or the saddest person alive on Earth (or whether she’s dead or alive) – she’s just not important for us.
We’re sorry, Jill…



So here we in a world in the middle of endless opportunities where wanting something badly seems full of flaws but without wanting something badly you won’t arrive anywhere.

So here comes the SECRET:
to solve the Rubik’s cube successfully you’ll need a couple hours
to finish kindergarten you needed a couple years
– to be a successful bodybuilder you need to go to the gym for many long years
– to be a successful politician you’ll probably need a life-long career
– to be a successful YOU who knows what he WANTs – how long do you think you need?

Are you one of those prodigy kids that knew what they wanted at age 3 or 5 or 8?


Unlikely. I’d risk that way over 99% of us weren’t child prodigies. So if you ever want to get to know what you really want to do: TAKE YOUR TIME!
As it’s stated about self-improvement in this great article “The industries that do often focus on the human condition—philosophy, psychology, art, literature, self-help, etc.—lie more on the periphery, with their work often fragmented from each other. All of this sets up a world that makes it hard to treat internal growth as anything other than a hobby, an extra-curricular, icing on the life cake.
You want to get to know what you’d like?
BE AN EXPERT OF YOURSELF: it’s no one else’s but your interest that you answer the big questions of your life. Our life’s not about salvation, rebirth or career but using the resources we’ve got here and now (those 5; 22; 37; 72 or 91 years you have) to make the most out of it and to shape our environment.


What works for me is writing. Is traveling. Is contemplating. Is learning languages. Is trying not to be afraid. Is strongly dividing important and non-important. Is focusing. Is watching great movies, reading amazing books, meeting with people from whom I can learn.

I don’t know what works for you. Do you know? Will you get to know?



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