It’s a great feeling to start writing.

It’s 21 minutes after midnight.

I’m 27, soon 28.

I’m not a master of much I can share now and this is a humble beginning.

Feels good ignoring those 199 notes I made for this blog.

What I wanted to go into, in a certain arrogant, bit-looking-down-on-you style was a crystal clear thought that crossed my mind after watching a movie in the cinema tonight: ULTIMATE HAPPINESS IS FOCUSING ON ONE TOPIC ENTIRELY.
I would have continued with one of my favourite quotes: […] apart from the obsession of artists, scientists and other real professions, love is the only place where setting a goal is what matters rather than reaching it; where one can imagine subjective sense into his objectively senseless life.”
And would have definitely added another quoteContentedly adrift in the cosmos. That is a perfect description of a non-epiphany, that rarest of moments, when God Almighty lets go of the scruff of your neck and lets you be human for a little while.

But this is not the middle or the end but the beginning of a journey that I’m looking forward to.

I might not know today how to make you happy, bring a smile on your face – or even write in English too well.

But being one of those 7,125 billion people that don’t exactly know how to proceed I still know I’m among the very luckiest ones. And I know that happiness, social responsibility, hard work and education are parts of the answer.

And I’m pretty sure we are here to answer existing questions we all know or feel (here and now!) rather than contemplating on senseless arguments.

Ultimate happiness? Is being alive and being able to pursue your dreams…
Ultimate happiness? Typing in my first article on my first English language blog tonight.


Don’t miss out on it…

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